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Barry Gilchrist

Senior Recruiter

About Me

Whose knowledge and wisdom guide’s us through each and every day. When he’s not sharing his wisdom or useless (sorry, invaluable) information he likes to travel to places like Vancouver where he can meet new people and share his knowledge and wisdom with them!

Outside of travelling there’s nothing he enjoys more than a good movie - something that will make him smile, like ‘Withnail & I’, or reading a good book such as ‘On the Road’ by Jack Kerouac - a book about a man who shares his experience and knowledge gained from his travels, so as you can imagine, it’s a book close to Barry’s heart. He would then happily drift off to sleep while dreaming about the love he has for Geography, looking forward to the next day in the office with the team.

On a more important note, Barry has worked with the business for several years now, and his experience is valuable to both the business and the team. He enjoys placing good quality engineers and working with a great team here at DATS.