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About us

Our Heritage

Over six decades ago, our Founder and Chairman, Trevor Nickson, set up ‘Design and Technical Solutions’ ….. AKA DATS.

Craving a greater challenge in his nine-to-five routine with ICI Trevor believed he could offer an innovative and forward-thinking solution to ‘getting the job done’. His first ever client, Metal Box, was an opportunity to run a three-month project for 3 people with a Northwest manufacturing company. 45 people interviewed and a pivotal moment in taking the decision to ‘go it alone’ resulted in an incredible and forever-evolving journey for the company over the decades.  DATS was born.

Mission Statement

DATS is an ISO9001:2015 accredited organisation with a genuine commitment in providing recruitment and drawing office solutions to all clients and candidates operating in the UK and overseas. This is achieved through an open, reliable service without compromising on quality, making everybody involved in the process feeling valued and inspired.

Pre-1980’s before the advent of AutoCAD and other drafting software, when drawings were made on large sheets of paper on even larger drawing boards, the business continued to expand into the glass, chemical and nuclear industries and larger offices were called for.  DATS HQ moved to Royal Avenue in Widnes, only to move again into much larger office space in Norlands Lane some 8 years later. Satellite offices were opened during this time in Stockport, Warrington, and Whitehaven.

With a greater capacity, DATS diversified into other sectors including pharmaceutical, renewable energy & utilities, commercial and industrial, forging close working relationships with clients, some of which are still maintained to this day.

As technology improved it became practical in engineering design for drawing boards to be consigned to history and DATS moved to Palmyra Square in Warrington 

The UK oil and gas boom in the 1980’s and 1990’s and the recruitment of skilled engineers to work inhouse, offshore and on client sites brought different challenges and the DATS team expanded with experienced and graduate recruiters delivering bespoke recruitment solutions and accurate CAD drawings cementing our reputation, and Trevor’s ethos, for ‘getting the job done’.

More recently, investing in an advanced CRM system and using the latest CAD software, including our point cloud scanning Faro FocusM 70 allows us to be able to work on projects of every size.

Today Trevor’ son, Stephen Nickson, leads the team and in April 2022 successfully oversaw the restructuring of the business from DATS Holdings Ltd to DATS Engineering Solutions Ltd.  Our mission and vision remains the same and is part of our culture but we are consistently looking at how our clients engage with us and have learned to adapt to their changing habits. 

DATS Engineering Solutions Ltd reflects our identity, the opportunity to expand, reach new markets and adjust to future growth.

Meet our team

We’re an ambitious bunch; passionate about recruitment, engineering and perhaps most importantly, providing a service to our candidates and clients that’s second to none.