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Video Interviewing: Tips for Employers

about 1 year ago by DATS Recruitment
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Video interviews are nothing new and have been growing in popularity for the past few years. The COVID pandemic, though, has seen video calls on platforms such as Teams and Zoom become part of the daily work routine. And this of course includes the use of such software for interviewing candidates remotely.

Life may slowly be resuming back to some form of normality, but we’re pretty sure that video calls are here to stay. And with that in mind, we’ve put together a few top tips for employers using video to interview potential new hires.

Know your software

It may sound simple but make sure you’re au fait with your software before using it to conduct an interview. There are so many options for video calling packages at the moment, each with subtle differences in the way they operate. Some require passwords that you’ll need to share with participants, some have time limits, number of user limits, and so on. An interview isn’t the ideal time to be trying anything new, so know your software in advance and choose the platform you think is most appropriate for you and your interviewee(s).

Consider timings

In an ideal scenario your online interview will go without a hitch (believe us, your candidate’s praying for the same!). But inevitably, technological issues are part and parcel of using video software. From connection problems, to login or user issues; it’s best to be prepared for any eventuality, and our advice is to build in a little more time for a video interview than you may do for a face-to-face meeting.

Talk culture

Before logging into your online interview, it’s probably worth giving the space around you a second thought. An interview in the normal sense gives candidates the opportunity to visit your workplace and get to know you, your business and your culture. But while so many of us are working remotely, this is something that candidates going through the process online will miss out on.

If you want to give your interviewee a good feel for your culture, think about what to wear and dress in the way you normally would in your work environment. Consider how you can provide as accurate of an insight into your company on the call (perhaps with visuals), despite not being in your usual place of work so there are no surprises when a candidate joins your organisation.

Consider your surroundings

Most of us are using video calling as part of everyday life at the moment, so you may not think twice about where you’re calling from or what’s going on in the background.

Following on from the last point, prepare your space in advance of your video call. Check the lighting, switch off your phone and do your best to eliminate any background noise. We’ve all seen comical online videos of formal online meetings gone wrong.

Follow up

We work with clients every day to help them to create the best candidate experience possible, and you don’t want standards to drop just because your interviews are taking place online rather than in person.

People will naturally feel more detached from each other on a video call than they would if they were able to meet face-to-face. That’s why it’s important to make an even greater effort to be warm, ask lots of questions and, vitally, follow up after the call. Make sure you give details of the next stages of your interview process, preferably with timescales and keep to what you have promised. Even if you don’t have positive news for a candidate, it’s useful for them to understand why they haven’t been successful on this occasion.

We’re always here to help with your hiring queries or advice on creating a great candidate experience. To speak with one of our consultants, call us on 01925 403800.

Or, if you’re a candidate wanting tips on video interviewing, check out our article here.

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