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Cover Letter Checklist

over 1 year ago by DATS Recruitment
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​As you job search, you’ll notice that candidates are often asked to also send in a covering letter with their CV. You may consider this unnecessary or a waste of time, but this letter can be just as important as the CV itself.

The main purpose is to get your CV read and secondly to get you an interview! Try to imagine the letter as your own personal one page advert. Keep it brief, enthusiastic, and relevant to the position you are applying for. Follow our top tips for the perfect introduction.

1. Address the letter directly to the recruiter and check you spell their name, title and address correctly.

2. Indicate in concise paragraphs:

•What position you are applying for

•Why you are interested

•What you have to offer

•Why you are a good match

3. Refer to your CV and expand within the letter on a couple of your relevant achievements

4. Don’t apologise for any lack of a particular requirement or refer to negative aspects like why you left your last job

5. Send a polite introductory email with the letter and your CV attached

The perfect letter may not guarantee you an interview but it can definitely help. Good luck!

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