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IR35 delayed for a year

about 1 year ago by DATS Recruitment
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The IR35 reforms are to be delayed by one year. After months of preparation from hiring managers, contractors and agencies, the Government has announced that IR35 will nownotbe extended to the public sector until April 2021. 

The decision was announced in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, by Chief Treasury Secretary Steve Barclay, in a bid to protect the economy from the already devastating effects of the virus.

Insisting that the decision was a "deferral, not a cancellation" the Government remains committed to the extension of the off-payroll rules, meaning that any preparation already carried out by companies or contractors themselves has not been wasted. The delay does now provide any organisations who were not quite ready for the reform with more time.

Whether the announcement has left you sighing a breath of relief, or feeling frustrated, remember we're here to help. If you want to talk more about what the most recent update, or the reform in general means for you/your business, please get in touch: 01925 403800 /

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